Prove our name wrong t by getting a useful comedy shirt. Our shirts will give you a hip, alt persona of wit, and insight. We celebrate the uselessness of tee shirts. Let’s face, it they are mostly used to promote bands, teams, politics, scenic vacation spots etc. Therefore, we propose tee shirts that serve no purpose, other than making people scratch their head, or have an epiphany after reading the meaningless messages. UzelessTeeShirts is where sacred cows go to become hamburgers unless you are a vegetarian tee shirt then it is where sacred plants go to become beyond impossible burgers.





#CryptoComedy  “You don’t have to understand it to laugh at it.”


Beware, people will assume you know the algorithm and look to lend or borrow money. Crypto comedy shirts of a binary code about invisible money that upends gold, which is nothing more than a consensual hallucination. Millions of really smart people go bat shit about it. The only thing more absurd is the names and total number of crypto coins. “Can you say #NFT?” And you people laughed at #Andy Warhol for putting out portraits of soup cans. HAH!! Like #Banksy we pre-shred art! We just sell you the container. “If the product is free, you are the product!”



Beatnik Bird Billoard People  Your Space Available

Looking for a unique and eye-catching tee shirt design? Check out our Beatnik Bird People Billboards tee shirt design! Featuring bold graphics and vibrant colors, this design is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Perfect for anyone who loves imaginary birds or wants to add some personality to their wardrobe. Shirts that set you apart from patriot, non- binary, woke, vegan, truther, gender neutral, anonymous, free standing, self-fulfilling dogma about fish.





Beatnik Bird OxyMoronisms  Self Contradicting Pretend Wisdom

Don’t buy the baloney (like full trsnsparency). If you are looking for a tee shirt that's both clever and stylish? Look no further than our OxyMoronisms design tee shirt! With witty phrases that play on the contradictory nature of oxymorons, this tee shirt is sure to make people do a double take. Our high-quality materials and attention to detail ensure that this tee shirt will look great wash after wash. Perfect for anyone who loves puns and wordplay, or just wants to add a touch of humor to their wardrobe. Shop now and show off your clever side and don’t become an oxymoron.


Beatnik Bird Droppings Quotable Wisdom of  A WALKING BIRD THAT DOES NOT GO ON WINDSHIELD"

Words you wish you thought of before you made that speech to the judge, parents, interviewers, the guys with guns, the police etc. Looking for words of wisdom. Just look at your cool quotable shirt. You may still not know what you are talking about, but you will sound convincing. Available in many colors and most sizes. No lie?





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